Studio 82

Date: 2016
Surface: 120 sqm
Client: Studio82
Where: Bucharest 2

Short description:
This project was in an industrial space situated within an old industrial area (one of the few still remaining more or less intact in the central area of Bucharest. This
area is quickly becoming a creative hub with art galleries, design shops, clubs and more.

The services we provided: and design, especially furniture design.
The mask under the windows hides some ugly and unevenly mounted radiators, but it also includes a suspended cabinet for audio tools.
The two make-up and hairstyling tables, made in different styles to fit into the two studio spaces, were voted by stylists who worked on them as not only spectacular but
also practical and comfortable.
The mobile mini changing room has the additional function of hiding the door of a lift that does not function anymore, but can not be permanently blocked.

In the smaller studio we also find the Plus One bench, designed by us, here in the pillow-less version.
(All photos by Studio 82)