Interbrew (Inbev) bars


Date: 2000-2001
Surface: NA
Client: Interbrew / Inbev (Bergenbier and Stella Artois)

Short description:
In 2000, Interbrew entered the Romanian market with Stella Artois and Bergenbier. The company had developed a program that encouraged business owners to promote Interbrew products.

Intebrew would offer interior design, know-how and staff training, in return for the visibility of their products. When we started collaborating with them, there was a Bergenbier pub concept project, but it was not considered satisfactory, both from practical considerations (expensive materials and supplies) and because it
was not properly harmonized with the brand notebook.

We completely overhauled the concept that was immediately tested on the first location: The former Beer Grove in Brasov, on the Muresenilor Street, became the My Friends pub. Meanwhile, space has changed its destination twice, now becoming the Sergiana restaurant, which still retains some of the elements of the initial arrangement, from 2000-2001.

The main challenge was the implementation of a concept project in a historical space, one side of the space still having the original domes and arches, built out of manufactured bricks, cca 17-18th century. The space had two distinct areas: the one reinforced in the 80’s, with concrete arches, and the historic one with brick vaults.
Although the finishes have been preserved (only refined), respectively the plaster in the newer area, the brick in the old area, the two spaces were unified by a
serpent-like bar, over 11 m long, which became the distinctive and attraction element of place.

The brick vaults were speculated by dramatic illumination, from bottom to top, with projectors hidden behind the paneling that delineated the bottom of the walls. These
wainscots have been recovered from previous fittings, refinished and refurbished to reduce costs. They were needed to protect the masonry of brick, and to mask various
pipes and imperfections, traces of an intervention probably dating in the 70s-80s. In addition to this effect lighting, we used the existing niches to create some „fake
windows” – panels of acid etched glass, with the Bergenbier branding reduced to the silhouette of the mountain, with backlight, creating an opening feeling that the
basement did not have . In addition, each table had its own suspended lamp, creating intimacy.

In the newer area, where the concrete arcades create an in-depth rhythm, we took advantage of the somewhat monumental effect of this perspective and placed the scene on the background wall.
Both the scene for live music shows and the ample bar are part of the Bergenbier concept. To this concept, an association with sport was later added, especially with
football. „Moments,” installations and exhibitors have been created to highlight this link. For example, below the main staircase, we suspended a series of nets that held
„floating” football balls signed by famous athletes.



At the same time, the development of the pub concept Stella Artois began on completely different principles than Bergenbier. Elegance, brass, wood and leather, intimacy.
Negotiations for a first application in Bucharest, (the Golden Falcon restaurant), have failed. Otherwise, it would have become the first Stella Artois pub, Orient



The Traffic bar followed, on the Alba Iulia (Bucharest) market, on the Bergenbier concept. At present, nothing is preserved from the original concept, except for the
partitions and the technical part (the kitchen, functional flows).

In time, other applications of the concepts were created, all over the country: Cluj, Timisoara, Baia Mare, Constanta. For some of the locations we also did the iin-site
adaptation, for others we provided only the initial evaluation and supervised the adherence to the concept’s principles.

Unfortunately no images of these works have been preserved.