Block B Apartment

Date: 2016
Surface: 70 sqm
Client: private
Where: Bucharest 1

Short description:
The apartment, in a new block, was substandardly finished and had some problems of access to natural light, the result being a visually cramped, dark space.
The extent of the possible changes was not very high, the sanitary-ware and the wood flooring were kept.
We chose to change a few things with the greatest impact:
Doors from the bedrooms and the bathroom were replaced with „secret” doors, we also changed the radiators in the living room and the AC interior unit. We played a bit with the ceiling, to hide the massive and unsightly beam traversing the entrance/kitchen area at an angle.
We added a spectacular wallpaper with mica effect (on two walls, in the living room), colors (the ceiling in the dining area and the hall between the living room and the bathroom and the child’s bedroom were painted a deep, dark blue) and the furniture.
The theme was the Provencal style, adapted to a modest, modern space, and thus was reduced to a few essential elements, modernized, eliminating the more decorated parts that would have been too ornate.

We used light to delimit areas within the entrance-kitchen-living room.
The result is a functional, chic, warm and surprisingly bright apartment.