Stejari Kindergarden

Project: Stejari Kindergarten

Year: 2015

Area: 750sqm

Client: Stejari Residence

Where: Baneasa, IF, Romania

The constraints of this project have largely become its strengths. The first constraint was linked to the small footprint. The land that could be built was extremely narrow, caught between the forest and the last buildings of the residential compound.
The advantage was that this placement allowed for a near-complete opening towards the forest, On the side with the classrooms, the reception area and the multi-functional hall, all with direct access to the forest.
Another constraint was the visibility from the closest block, more aptly named the invisibility, which led to a semi-buried solution with a vegetal roof and a small English courtyard (hidden with a green slope) for the natural illumination and ventilation of the technical spaces (restrooms, storage) on the side opposite to the forest.
The Kindergarten is now managed by „Ioanid” Preschool, whose representative, Ms. Robinson from London, has worked with us closely for the last phases of planning and interior design.