The Lotus House

Surface: 400sqm

Year: 2004

Client: private

Location: Bucharest 2

This house was designed for a plot of land with rather peculiar constraints. Situated on a corner, in a dense, low rise residential area of Bucharest, with a typical structure, we were forced to bring the exterior walls all the way to the street side limits of the plot. Which, of course, would rise some problems regarding privacy, as it wasn’t feasible to create windows only toward the small private courtyard. In addition to that, the clients wished to build the maximum surface the local regulations would allow, and divide the resulting area into two dwellings, with separate entrances. The main one was to be a home for a young family with two young children, the secondary one would be let (either as an apartment, or a small office). All this keeping in mind that in the future, the second apartment could house the children, or, alternatively, the owners would have their own offices there.

The result was an airy house, with plenty of natural light, but also some privacy, thanks to the small secondary courtyard.