Flow Two

FLOW TWO can be used both as a floating house and can also be build on the ground, on the piece of land of your choice.

It features a small but cosy living area on the ground floor, complete with bathroom, wardrobe and, optionally, a place for a fridge or minibar. The bedroom loft is acessible using a ladder placed right to the double doors leading to the patio and receives a generous amount of natural light through two roof windows.

We find the most spectacular feature of this house is it’s patio, covered so you can use it even if it rains. One side is closed with narrowly spaced wooden slats, so you can enjoy visual privacy from that side and also some wind protection, while having some air circulation lest the space become stiffling in the warmer dars of the year. The other two sides are free, open to the landscape(be it water, hill, or plains). If it is a floating house, mooring rings for a small boat can be provided.

Though a little larger than our smallest house (FRAME ONE+), it’s still compact, at 26.5 sqm built area, while offering all necessary amenities for pleasant nature getaways for 2-3 people (two in the loft bed, one on the sofa on the ground floor); and thus fits into our philosophy of minimal footprint and impact on the environment.