About us:

What is there to say about us? Where to start? (And how to follow…)

Being architects (foremost) and designers, we are notoriously more at ease with visual communication than the purely verbal kind; and find it rather difficult to talk about ourselves or our design process. A little easier to talk about our products, but not by much.

So there’s a quick Q&A (or FAQ?) which is marginally better than a bullet point list, if not necessarily as organized. Or is it?

Q: Who are you people?

A: Individually? We are Florina Lungu and Andrei Fenyo, both architects, both with more than 15 years of experience in the field.

Oh, you mean 13×14? Well, though we’ve been working together for around ten years, 13×14 is a relatively new creation, being born at the beginning of 2015, out of an idea more that two years old.

Q: How did it come about?

A: The idea for it, as we said, is roughly two years old, hard to say exactly how long it has been, since it wasn’t one of those lightbulb things, like “Oooooh, there’s an idea!” It was gradual, much like you get salt crystals out of a saturated saline solution.

And back to the point: at the time, we’d been working for quite a while as architects and interior designers and, more and more often, we’d find a situation for which we couldn’t find a perfect, ready made solution. Finding the exactly right object for a certain space is a challenge, and we found ourselves imagining those perfect objects. From here to “Let’s make them!” was just a step.

Q: So what is it that you do?

A: While we still work on some select few architecture and interior design projects, most of our energy is focused toward object design. Can one include modular houses into the category of object design? No? Then: object and furniture design, and modular homes.

Q: And how do you do it?

A: Well. We argue a lot.

True, true, and it’s a good thing. Every idea is shuttled back and forth until it is pared down to it’s essential best, from both our points of view. “The whole is more than the sum of it’s parts” kind of thing. We’re both picky, so we know we definitely have a good design once we both like it very much.

Q: Care to tell us more about your products?

A: It’s hard to talk about them as a group. For us, each of them is like an individual, has it’s own characteristics and it’s own story. But if forced, we might manage to find a few congruence points.

Our objects have to blend with their environment, being simple, useful, sturdy and beautiful. Basically, what we seek is solutions to the challenges that arise from the day-to-day interaction between humans and their habitat. And those become objects, fabulous, beautiful, elegant, friendly objects.

Q: What about the modular homes, where do they fit in?

A: They fit right in! We are designing them following the same principles, and with the same care to detail we dedicate to furniture design. Meaning each tiny corner of the houses had been gone over with the fine comb of dual argument and critique till everything is as it should be.

Q: Maybe more about them?

A: We aim to create a system that can be scaled up till it’s usable as a permanent dwelling, but it is mainly dedicated to vacation homes.

The point is to offer solutions that are comfortable and stylish and still have a minimal foot-print and be able to function off-grid. We try to make them as compact as possible, without trading functionality away.

Each individual model has it’s selling points, and they are autonomous, down to the smallest.


Q: Any final words, maybe a conclusion?

A: We love our designs and products, treat them well.